Terms of Service   Article 1. Objective The purpose of the terms is to define the rights, obligations, and responsibilities between the Company and a user in relation to use of the game and all the accompanying services (hereinafter ‘Service’) provided by Blue Potion Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter 'Company') Article 2. Official Service Website LINE POD EOS PAGE: https://pod.game.line.me/pcgames/PGE
Report A Bug
When you find a bug or an error in the game, it is very important that you report it to us so we can fix it as soon as possible so it may be fixed faster.   You have multiple way to report them in the game:   1) Send a ticket to the support   2) Contact a GM in the game   3) Send a private message in the forum to a GM, Moderator or CM   So we can act faster, we need information about the bug/error. So we have prepared a list that you can copy and paste and fill:   1) Who is
Operation Policy   Article 1. Purpose of Operation Policy 1-1) You are asked to agree with Operation Policy to use the service and it takes effect immediately after the agreement. 1-2) 'Blue Potion Games Co., Ltd.', a corporation organized and existing under the law of Republic of Korea and 'EOS: THE BLUE' contents provider(“Company” hereinafter). Operation Policy is the provision of general principles of s
遊戲教學 - 創角
您剛建立了您的帳號,這些小提示將協助您開始您於EOS 世界中的冒險。 選擇伺服器後,您將被引導到職業選擇頁面。您可於以下7種職業中選擇最適合您的職業。這7種職業分別為:聖騎士、戰士、守護者、刺客、魔法師、術士及神射手 每個職業都有其特長! 當您選擇好您的職業,於螢幕右下角點選<下一步>。 透過預覽角色可穿著的服飾,您可以挑選您角色的外表 (1) 建立角色獨特外表 (2) 取名 (3) 在創建您的角色前,點選<再次確認>按鍵確認角色名稱是否已被使用。 您可以透過上面的連結查看關於遊戲的相關規則。 點選螢幕右下角的<創建完成>按鍵來創建您的角色並進入EOS的世界。 (1) 目標 - 您可以看到您選取目標的相關資訊,如名稱、等級、血量、增益及減益的效果 (2) 團隊視窗 - 您可以看到您所在團隊的全部訊息。 (3) 增益及減益 - 您可以看到您身上增益及減益以及它們的效果 (4) 小地圖 - 您可以在小地圖中看到您所在位置以及附近的NPC及怪物。您亦可以看到目前
Privacy Policy   Article 1. Company Blue Potion Games Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company') values the user's personal information and makes all the necessary efforts to effectively manage and secure the personal information of its members. The Company informs the user of what purpose and method of personal information is being used and what measures are being taken to protect their personal information. Furthermore, the Privacy Pol